About Us

Pfenix & Mach is a fashion forward label founded on a creative vision evolving from a desire for beautiful, stylish, and functional maternity and nursing wear.

The Pfenix & Mach designs draw inspiration from the female form in all its beautiful shapes, and the evolution of a woman’s body throughout the various stages of pregnancy, and life. The designs are influenced by the ever changing world of Art and Fashion and a love for the timeless classics.

At Pfenix & Mach we want every woman, pregnant, breastfeeding, or otherwise, to be inspired by our designs, and to find an edge and confidence within themselves when wearing our garments.

We believe that perfection in design at Pfenix & Mach is in creations that are true to the female form and its ever evolving variations. At Pfenix & Mach we believe that maternity and nursing wear can be fun, elegant and stylish. Most importantly, the functional aspects of the designs should converge into just another element of a beautiful creation.

Pfenix & Mach’s online store ships to Australia only, but we look forward to shipping outside of Australia in the future.

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