Behind the scenes (Part 3): the faces behind getting the perfect fit on our garments

30 May 2018

Bump or not, we’ve got you covered. At Pfenix & Mach we have taken the time to undertake extensive sampling of each design to ensure that the garment will fit perfectly pregnant or not, and irrespective of body shape. Three beautiful models, and our amazing Garment Tech helped make this possible during several lengthy fit sessions for each design. We are so appreciative of their professionalism and support, and their input and honest feedback during every session.

So, who are the faces behind the development of our designs and garments?

Name: Shoona Stanes

What do you most like about Pfenix & Mach’s designs/garments?

I love that Pfenix and Mach’s designs are not fast fashion. They have a classic and easy to wear design that is very carefully thought over by the designers.

What would be your go to favourite in the line?

That’s hard!! But my favourite pieces in the line would have to be the Selma Shirt Dress and the Lauren Dungaree. I also really loved the Everyday Jersey in Navy and the Uptown Ribbed Top because I know I would wear them ALOT!

What motivates you in everyday life?

Wow what a question! To make my family happy and proud. I like to try and take care of the people around me, especially my husband who supports me so much. Being fit and healthy is also a huge motivation in my eyes.

What’s your single greatest achievement in your life so far?

My single greatest achievement is super boring, but it has to be getting married after 10 years of umming and ahing! We were very happy to tick that box ha-ha!

What’s your favourite wardrobe item of all time?

It has to be my Lacoste white slip on shoes because they just go with everything, and I love them!!

What celebrity style, if any, most reflects your own?

I don’t think my style is influenced by any celebrities. I dress in what I feel comfortable and feel I look the best in.


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