No more regrets: How Pfenix & Mach came to be

31 August 2018

Pfenix & Mach was born out of two friends’ mutual single regret in life of not having pursued a career in fashion, and what we believed to be an uncoincidental coming together during a mothers group meet having discovered our sons were born on the same day at the same hospital.

Was this a chance meeting? Of course, it was. A mutual regret; an acknowledgment that the maternity and nursing clothes available left us longing for other functional yet stylish options; and a dream to change both those things.

Now almost two years after sitting on the couch discussing this dream and deciding to partner up, with barely an idea on how and where to start, the dream has become a reality. With a first pass at a collection of designs that was almost completely scrapped following some very constructive feedback from a veteran pattern maker and industry professional, and having each welcomed a third child into our families and missed the opportunity to enjoy wearing our own maternity clothes whilst pregnant, our labour of love sees us launch the label with an overwhelming sense of achievement – no longer having any regrets in life.

So where to now? Cherish life, enjoy the ride, and hopefully be an example to others of how through determination and passion dreams can become reality. Warning: such determination and passion may present at 1am when you decide to write a blog or two whilst breastfeeding your newborn, though such determination may also be viewed as a state of complete madness thanks to some serious sleep deprivation.


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